Tomorrow, parts of the municipalities of Saraj, Karposh and Gjorce Petrov and several Skopje villages will be without electricity

Electricity / Photo: MIA

EVN Macedonia and the Regional Center for Crisis Management inform that tomorrow (Sunday) from 04:08 to XNUMX:XNUMX hours, more Skopje villages and settlements from the municipalities of Saraj, Karposh and Gjorce Petrov will remain without electricity.

According to the announcement, users from the village of Volkovo, the village of Kondovo, the village of Gorno and Dolno Svilare, the village of Grachani, the village of Radusha, the village of Dvorce, the village of Kopanica, the village of Rasche, the village of Bojane, and the village of Saraj will not have electricity. , village Glumovo, village Grcec, village Šishevo, village Arnakija, village Panichari, village Raović, village Laskarci, village Ljubin, village Buković, village Matka, Karposh 3, Karposh 4, part of Vlae , part of Hrom, Momin potok, Zlokućani, part of Kozle, part of Nerezi and Taftalidze (municipalities of Saraj, Karposh and Gjorce Petrov).

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