The constitution makers from Bulgaria should change their Constitution instead of ours

Jeanne P. Bozinovska / Free Press

If not, let the Bulgarian politicians apply their experience, that is, their constitutional model, which mentions collective rights, including those of minorities, such as the Macedonian one, which they do not recognize.

Which is a lot, it's a lot. After the series of remarks, accusations, blockades, veto... it was the turn of the Bulgarian wishes. But wishes that mean direct interference in the internal affairs of Macedonia.

The statement of the outgoing Bulgarian technical minister for foreign affairs, Nikolay Milkov, cannot be interpreted in any other way, that, well, they would like to be part of the process in which the constitutional changes in the country are discussed. No less, no more, but so that the process could take place - "smoothly".

"As we learn, variants of future texts that would change the Constitution are being discussed. We would like to be part of this process so that it goes smoothly and we would like to consult with them (Macedonian authorities, n.z.) on these issues. In this sense, yesterday I had a short conversation with Minister Bujar Osmani and I hope that they will respond, courageously, without the slightest shame," said Milkov in Brussels, at least as reported by the Bulgarian media.

The denial of such a statement came directly from Minister Osmani. According to him, the information that the Bulgarian Government has shown interest in being a part of the working group is not correct, nor can it happen to be a part.

"The process of constitutional amendments is an internal issue of the Republic of North Macedonia, which as an obligation is related to the accession negotiations for membership in the European Union. The Assembly is expected to make such a decision, sovereignly and in accordance with the long-term interests of the citizens of North Macedonia, represented in the parliament, and in that context there is no possibility, nor political will for the inclusion of citizens and institutions from abroad, including from the Republic of Bulgaria. "Such a request has neither been received nor discussed between Ministers Osmani and Milkov," said the Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

It is normal to trust the Macedonian institutions. But we have been burned by the milk so many times that now it is hard for us to believe that a minister of foreign affairs, even an outgoing one like Milkov, would invent a communication on such a serious issue.

If not, let's let the Bulgarian politicians prepare the constitutional amendments for us, so that the local parties cannot come to an agreement. Perhaps they will apply their experience, that is, their interpretation of the Constitution, which mentions the individual and not the collective rights of everyone. Including those of minorities, such as Macedonian, which they do not recognize by the way.

Instead of such obscene proposals or wishes, Milkov as a representative of the Bulgarian authorities could deal a little with, among other things, the judgments of the European Court of Human Rights in Strasbourg, for example, which refer to the non-registration of OMO Ilinden-Pirin and other associations of Bulgarian citizens who declare themselves as Macedonians. In these cases, the Bulgarian Constitution is an untouchable topic, and hardly anyone there listens to the messages from the Council of Europe and the Court in Strasbourg.

While waiting for a new wish from Sofia in the style of "if it goes, it goes", we will still continue to listen to their messages that our road to the EU leads through Sofia, that Macedonia needs to come to its senses, that the Bulgarians in the country are repressed, that the Macedonian authorities "mining" Sofia's attempts to improve relations, that the right to association is not respected in Macedonia, etc. Better said – the same, too much the same.

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