The Constitutional Court annulled the Instruction on keeping civil registers

Constitutional Court board / Photo: "Free Press" - Dragan Mitreski

With a majority of votes, at a session of the Constitutional Court today, the Instruction on keeping registers, an act adopted by the Ministry of Justice, was canceled due to the fact that the deadline for the publication of this instruction was not respected.

The spokeswoman of the Constitutional Court, Hristina Belovska, informed at today's press conference that the Decision will be published in the Official Gazette.

- When the Constitutional Court makes an annulment decision, it means that the decision has a retroactive effect, considered from the moment of the adoption of the act that is being annulled, explained Belovska.

She pointed out that the Instruction was annulled because the Court judged that Article 52 paragraph 2 of the Constitution had been violated, that is, the constitutional deadline in which this instruction should have been published was not respected.

- That article stipulates a deadline for publication "at the latest within 7 days from the day of adoption. The Constitutional Court has already made it clear to the public that it does not approach the issue of the deadline technically, but essentially, and it should be respected by everyone, Belovska added.

On July 5, 2023, the Constitutional Court, on its own initiative, initiated a procedure for the contested Instruction due to suspicions that with its adoption by the Ministry of Justice, Article 52, paragraph 2 of the Constitution was violated, that is, the constitutional deadline was not respected publish this Guide. Recorded with an archive number from May 29, 2023, and published on June 15, 2023, which means that the Constitution and Article 52, which stipulates a deadline of seven days at the latest, have not been respected.

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