The Constitutional Court will discuss the non-working week again tomorrow

Photo: MIA

The Constitutional Court has postponed the 38th session for tomorrow, at which, among other points, the constitutionality of the amendments to the Law on Labor Relations, which refer to the non-working week, should be evaluated. The court discussed this case at a session held on September 14 of this year, but a decision was not made due to an insufficient majority of votes.

The initiator of the initiative is the Chamber of Commerce of Macedonia, which believes that the disputed law, which refers to the arrangement of work on Sunday, is contrary to the freedom and market of entrepreneurship, fundamental values ​​and equality of citizens.

The initiative states that the Law on Amendments and Supplements to the Law on Labor Relations regulates the use of weekly rest by introducing a ban on working on Sundays and at the same time exhaustively enumerates the exceptions of certain activities in which the weekly rest can be used on another day in week, it is pointed out that this legal solution is not in favor of either the economic entities or the workers and directly encroaches on the fundamental values ​​of the constitutional order of the state.

According to the petitioner, with this legal solution, employers from economic activities that are prohibited from working on Sundays (non-metallic mineral products) have an equal legal position in terms of paying the tax and other public duties to the state that are determined by law and are placed in an unequal position. legal position with the employers from the economic activities that are allowed to work on Sundays, from the point of view of making income and profit.

Apart from this item on the agenda of the 38th session of the constitutional session, seven other items are also planned. The Court reported that six of the cases have exhausted discussion and are in the voting phase because they did not previously receive a majority of votes.

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