Six more deputies from VMRO-DPMNE are needed for the constitutional amendments, says Izet Majiti

Photo: "Free Press"

The DUI MP, Izet Medziti and other members of the informal faction in the party, the so-called The "fire group" held a debate in Gostivar tonight, at which Mejiti said that in order to achieve a two-thirds majority of 81 deputies in the Parliament for the constitutional amendments, only six more votes of deputies from VMRO-DPMNE are needed.

- Now they will go to Europe with Arben Taravari, who until yesterday was with Moscow and with Levica. This coalition is not for Europe, but for saving Artan Grubi. In order to pass constitutional amendments, six MPs from VMRO-DPMNE are still needed, but even that is not certain, so more will have to be secured, with a new acrobatics, said Majiti.

He spoke about the initiative he started with fellow party members and which he said was "for the salvation of the party and the leader". He also referred to the rating, which according to him has a downward trend, and said that changes are necessary.

- At these meetings, the citizens told me: It's good that you came out to save DUI from Grubi. We really want to save the party and the leader. Ali Ahmeti should convene the Central Assembly and see who should sit and who should go. No one is asking us to be part of the Government, underlined Majiti.

The former mayor of Gostivar and a senior party official in DUI, Nevzat Beita, he mentioned to his fellow citizens that in the past twenty years a lot has been invested for the good of the party, and his involvement was at the request of his fellow citizens. He commented on the recent meetings that the management of DUI had in Gostivarsko and made a comparison with the done and implemented projects.

They also had their presentations at the debate Bashkim Hasani, Deputy Minister of Defense, Musa Xhaferi, Blerim Bexheti, Saranda Imeri and the MP Kastriot Rexhepi.

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