Another seven former MPs requested appanage

Constitutive session in the Assembly / Photo: Free Press - Dragan Mitreski
Constitutive session in the Assembly / Photo: Free Press - Dragan Mitreski

Seven MPs from the previous parliamentary composition requested appanage, announced the Left political party.

The total number of MPs who will use appanage is 29, and as the party says, they will receive a compensation of around 600.000 euros from the national budget at the expense of the citizens.

"These 29 system parasites, who shamelessly suck the people's money during a time of record poverty, are joined these days by seven more MPs from the previous composition: Arben Ziberi, Vjolca Ademi and Bedri Fazli from DUI, Snezhana Kaleska-Vancheva and Ljatife Shikovska from SDSM , Enes Ibrahim from the Party for the Movement of Turks and Bastri Bajrami from Besa, which will additionally extract over 150 euros from the national budget. This represents the last of a long series of indicators of blatant class discrimination in Macedonian society, in which the system functions, solely, to satisfy the needs of the rich economic and political elites, while a normal family of four cannot satisfy even the minimum union basket of 000 euros ", they point out, among other things, from the Left.

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