Another incident in Serbian schools: A primary school student attacked a teacher in class

The "Brotherhood-Edinistvo" school in the village of Kutsura / photo: Ružica Kovačević / Google Maps

An incident occurred at the "Bratstvo Jedinstvo" Elementary School in the village of Kutsura near the Serbian town of Vrbas, when a 13-year-old student first verbally and then physically attacked the teacher, reports "Policy".

According to RTS, the incident happened on January 31, and the police came to the school after the principal reported the attack.
The dialogue between Lalic and Belivuk was ensured by six guards

The school principal, Senka Muchenski, in a statement, states that the school immediately reacted and took all the necessary actions to protect the employees and students of the school.

She stated that she is acting in accordance with the regulations and that at this moment it is estimated that it is not in the interest of the employee and the child to provide more information.

Since it is a 13-year-old boy, he cannot be held criminally responsible. The case has been forwarded to the competent prosecutor's office and the Center for Social Work for further processing.

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