The use of plastic bags in Serbian trade has decreased by 80 percent

Photo: Free Press / Dragan Mitreski

The use of plastic bags in trade in Serbia has decreased by more than 80 percent in less than a year, said the Minister of Foreign and Internal Trade Tomislav Momirović.

"We are all aware of the importance of taking care of the environment, reducing waste and promoting sustainable business. In the past we have worked together on initiatives that have reduced the use of plastic and reduced waste generated in the retail industry," he said. Momirović emphasized that it is very important that the entire supply chain embraces new trends that are known to help preserve the environment, such as avoiding plastic, recycling, using regenerative and non-polluting materials, as well as using new technologies. "Retail chains know that adopting the circular economy model and responsible business will help them connect with existing customers and attract new consumers who care more about the environment," Momirovic emphasized, reports Tanjug.

As he added, traders must constantly be part of the dialogue about new models of waste management, especially packaging waste, because trade is the bridge that connects producers and consumers. "Retailers are the ones that consumers always see first and recognize when changes are happening," said the Minister of Foreign and Internal Trade.

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