UNRWA: The situation in Gaza is reaching a point of no return, a new wave of displacement is underway

We are reaching a point of no return in Gaza, where blatant disregard for international humanitarian law is corrupting our collective consciousness, the United Nations agency for Palestine refugees, UNRWA, warned today.

"Another wave of displacement is underway, and a humanitarian disaster is just around the corner." "Thousands of Palestinians have moved into the increasingly narrow Rafah, desperate for food, water, shelter – begging for advice on where to find safety," warns UNRWA.

Commissioner General Filipe Lazzarini requested additional funds.

- States must find the political will to put an end to this tragedy. "If we don't act now and stop the carnage, it will forever damage our credibility as representatives of the international community and encourage endless cycles of violence that will eventually affect us all," he said in a statement.

The agency states that 133 of its workers have been killed since October 7, while "since the beginning of the war, 129 incidents have been reported in UNRWA premises, and some facilities have been hit multiple times."

It is added that "34 UNRWA facilities were directly affected, and 57 facilities suffered collateral damage.

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