Artistic dance activism to raise awareness

The first of a series of events titled "Space for Conversation" or "Dancing (Talking) Table" organized by the "Interart Cultural Center" will begin in the "Mala Station" facility at the National Gallery on November 26, at 19 p.m., with the support of The Swiss Embassy in Skopje.

In the context of the theme, gender equality and domestic violence, the event will begin with a dance performance performed by the dancers of the Skopje Dance Theater and the youth of the company, the students of the Department of Contemporary Dance at the "Goce Delchev" University. Immediately after, the dance film with the same title will be shown, which was inspired by the testimonies of victims of gender (ine)equality and domestic violence.

After the film, we will hear three activists who will speak from different aspects of the topic, namely: Elena Dimushevska, executive director of the National Network against Violence against Women and Domestic Violence; Ognen Janeski, Ambassador against hate speech for the Western Balkans of the Council of Europe and the EU, and Ana Zafirova, journalist and activist.

The dance performance "Dancing Table" is choreographed and directed by Risima Risimkin, with music by Toni Kitanovski, costumes by Blagoj Micevski, and stage design by Matea Mijanović. The dancers of the Skopje Dance Theater are performing: Adriana Danchevska, Dejan Bitrovski, Anastasia Danchevska, Boban Ruseski and the young people from the Department of Contemporary Dance at the UGD: Sara Dimovska, Klara Hristova, Joana Blagadusha, Mikaela Angela Gligorova, Ilina Kostovska, Monika Sholevska, Angela Petrovska, Stefanija Milevska Vranic.

The project aims to raise awareness of gender (ine)equality and domestic violence through artistic activism, and during the spring of 2023 it will travel through ten cities in the country in order to encourage activities and awareness in as large a territory as possible.

The director of "Interart Cultural Center", Matea Mijanovic, who leads the project, believes that it is "important to ask questions regarding the topic and to discuss it publicly".

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