Works of art made of stained glass will be exhibited in "Art Hub" in Skopje

Invitation to the event

In the Art Center "Art Hub" in Skopje on June 8, at 20 p.m., an independent exhibition of the fine artist Marta Pop Antoska Bashevska will be opened. "Art Hub" is located in GTC, 2nd floor, room 306.

It is an exhibition of "Glass art" in Macedonia, where more than 30 sculptures made of Murano glass will be presented, as well as objects of applied art and fashion design. The exhibition will be open until June 28, 2023.

The text for the exhibition catalog was written by the art historian Maja Chankulovska.

- The sculptures and paintings-objects of Marta Pop Antoska Bashevska not only ennoble the human living space, but also define it through their appearance, which is one of the basic principles of art. At the same time, her glass sculptures, made according to the principle of glass melting, are perceived as a synthesis of sculptures and paintings.

Feeling all the delicate characteristics of the material and respecting the complex principles of glass fusion, i.e. the process of its melting, the works of Marta Pop Antoska Bashevska (one of the few artists in our country who is completely dedicated to making works in glass) push the boundaries of this hard and brittle material.

During this fusion, an effect of organic materiality is achieved, the forms themselves suggest undulation and fluidity and create their own path that expands horizontally and vertically. Each form offers a separate and complex artistic story filled with a multitude of colors, pigments and minutely presented details in a sometimes complex and sometimes simplified compositional whole.

The artistry in these stories is realized through unobtrusive references to knowledge from cubism with implied emphasized linearity and flatness and, of course, the refinement of the Vienna Secession, i.e. Klimt's symbolic colorfulness, playfulness of the surface and its elements, especially the gold leaves.

The associativeness in the complex glass sculptures of Marta Pop Antoska Bashevska moves in several directions, so through the bubbles, leaves, larger and smaller fragments of moments similar to stardust, we discover (under)water, cosmic and/or plant worlds (and endless surreal combinations of all these worlds).

The sculptures that have been made in the past five years, as well as the latest mosaics and paintings, are an expression of the dedicated production process through constant experimentation with material, shapes and colors, resulting in fantastic boundless worlds of stories that the author opens for us - wrote Maja Čankulovska , which will open the exhibition in "Art Hub".

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