The art group "Momi" presents itself with the art exhibition "Motherhood"

Collage for the exhibition "Motherhood" of the art group "Momi"

In the Cultural and Information Center (KIC) - Skopje on December 7, at 20 pm, the art exhibition "Motherhood" of the art group "Momi" will be opened. The exhibition will be open until January 10, 2024.

- The topic we worked on together for the past year is "Motherhood", a topic that is simple, but very deep. You will surely wonder why "motherhood" instead of "maternity". Because "motherhood" as a title better reflects the meaning of what we want to show. Although it does not exist as a word in our literary language, this word is more closely derived and has a stronger connection with the word "mother". What unites us the most in our group is motherhood. We carry this role and function with our birth and consciously or unconsciously it is always reflected in our creations.

Motherhood is a principle that shapes humanity. It is an original force that each of us carries within us, a force with which we nurture the home and a force with which we shape society and future generations. Experiencing motherly power and creating with motherly feeling is a powerful driving force that we recognize in literally all of the living world. Creation itself is a maternal principle. Creation is the birth of a work. The closeness of the maternal experience and the need to touch even closer to the maternal aspect in oneself is our challenge and task that we want to develop through the creation and construction of our works, either individually or collectively as one work. A mother is every woman, because regardless of whether we have children or not, we are simultaneously women and mothers, both in the home and in society.

The exhibition "Motherhood" grew and developed through a collaborative process of creation and interaction among our group members over many months. Our group has 7 members, and each of us initiated a work on the given topic. The initial concept was presented with sketches, explanations and directions, and then we all had the opportunity to follow the development of each piece through mutual communication online as well as through our live meetings. Each of us had the opportunity to complement any of the works according to our own vision and interpretation.

Thus the works were complemented and approached their final form. The final realization of the works will happen with their unification and installation in the gallery space, when all parts of the "mosaic" will find their place - the "Momi" art group points out.

"Momi" is an artistic group of seven female authors who have been working together since the beginning of 2012, connected through their creative ideas and inspirations for creation, as well as the closeness of the issues that are provocative for their research.

Collage for the exhibition "Motherhood" of the art group "Momi"

The group "Momi" consists of Ana Ivanovska, Kristina Hadzieva, Zorica Zafirovska, Maja Kirovska, Marija Sotirovska, Tatjana Ristovska and Hristina Zafirovska. Before founding the group, they collaborated on numerous projects and were founding members of the larger art collective "Art I.N.S.T.I.T.U.T.", founded in Skopje in 2009.

Within the group, "Momi" realize several exhibitions and projects. They present themselves with individual thematically dedicated works, while a large part of the projects include a joint process and interaction between the members. Some of the exhibitions involve interaction with the audience in the process of creation and presentation.

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