Ukrainian soldiers use Turkish rifles to counter drone attacks

Photo by Olena Khudyakov

The Ukrainian military has chosen the Turkish-made ESCORT BTS12 hunting rifle to counter the growing threat of enemy drones.

Produced by the Turkish company Hatsan Arms, the BTS12 rifle, originally designed for hunting, has proven its effectiveness in shooting down drones in military operations, reports "defense-blog".

The semi-automatic Hatsan BTS12 boasts a 12-moon caliber and demonstrates outstanding accuracy, capable of effectively hitting targets at distances of up to 120 meters at a rate of 10 rounds per minute.

Featuring a gas system, the rifle allows for rapid reloading, ensuring operational efficiency in dynamic situations.

Notably, its charging handle can be easily repositioned for left- or right-handed use, increasing versatility for military personnel.

Constructed with an aluminum alloy barrel and plastic stock and receiver, the rifle strikes a balance between durability and lightweight design, weighing in at 3,6 pounds.

Amid the evolving landscape of modern warfare, where drones pose a formidable challenge to traditional defense systems, the adoption of the Turkish rifle by the Ukrainian military underscores the importance of agile and adaptive strategies in countering emerging threats.

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