A Ukrainian commander believes that the battle for Bakhmut can become a turning point in the war

Ukraine Bakhmut tanks/ Photo: Mustafa Ciftci / AFP / Profimedia

The commander of one of the Ukrainian units, Colonel Yevgeny Mezhevikin, estimated that the battle for Bakhmut could become a turning point in the war and that Ukraine is able to keep the city and suppress the Russian troops.

Mezhevikin believes that if the Ukrainians manage to preserve their recent successes, the Battle of Bakhmut could be a turning point in the defense of Ukraine against Russia, not only because of stopping the Russian offensive, but also because of the preparation of a strong counterattack. writes "Ukrainska Pravda".

According to Mezhevikin, Russian attacks in Bakhmut have slowed and the immediate threat of an encirclement has been averted. He added that Russian forces have "exhausted all their reserves".

Mezhevikin said that on the northern and southern sides of Bakhmut, where Russian troops tried to encircle the city, the Russians encountered the most motivated Ukrainian units and that they "had no strength anymore."

However, Mezhevikin added, the city center remains a hotbed, where Russian forces are attacking with significant force.

Ukrainian soldiers fighting in Bakhmut said Russian troops were focusing their efforts on breaking into the city center, using heavy artillery and airstrikes, Ukrainska Pravda reported.

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