Ukraine confirms: We are discussing strikes with Western weapons against Russia

President Volodymyr Zelensky confirmed that Ukraine is negotiating with Western countries to use their weapons to attack targets on Russian territory. He made this statement during an interview given to "Reuters".

However, Zelenski emphasized that there are currently no positive developments regarding this issue.

The Ukrainian president also assured that his country has so far fulfilled the agreements on non-use of Western weapons to attack military targets on the territory of Russia.

"We cannot put the entire volume of weapons at risk," Zelensky explained.

At a press conference following a meeting of the Ramstein-format Ukraine Defense Contact Group on Monday, May 20, Defense Secretary Lloyd Austin said the United States expects Ukraine not to use American weapons to attack Russian troops and facilities on Russian territory. Federation.

Journalists asked whether Ukraine could use US air defense systems to shoot down Russian planes attacking Kharkiv from the territory of the Russian Federation.

Austin responded: “Our expectation is that they will continue to use secured weapons on targets inside Ukraine. Aerodynamics is a little different. "But I don't want to speculate."

Last week, The Wall Street Journal reported that Ukraine had asked the United States to help identify targets in Russia for Kiev to attack with its own weapons.

The country also asked the United States to lift restrictions on the use of American-supplied weapons against military targets in Russia.

According to the media, the United States gave Ukraine tactical ballistic missiles "ATACMS" and other weapons systems on the condition that Ukraine does not use them to attack targets in Russia.

It is noted that this warning, which Kiev agreed to, is a condition for receiving military aid.

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