Ukraine strengthens defenses against Russian attack on Chasov Yar

photo MIA

The commander-in-chief of Ukrainian forces, Oleksandr Sirsky, said that Ukrainian soldiers defending the city of Chasov Yar, the focus of the conflict on the eastern front, had received additional weapons to better block the penetration of the Russian army, which wants to seize the strategic site.

"Measures have been taken to significantly strengthen the brigades with ammunition, drones and electronic warfare equipment," he wrote on Facebook and said he had visited the said units.

He said last night that the situation on the front "has significantly worsened", indicating that Russian soldiers have increased the pressure in the direction of Chasov Yar.

If Russian troops occupied that city, they would have a chance to advance in the region. The high-altitude city is less than 30 kilometers from Kramatorsk, the capital of the Ukrainian-controlled zone and an important rail and logistics hub for the Ukrainian military.

Sirsky said today that Russia is concentrating its forces to break through Ukrainian defenses west of Bakhmut, a town the Russians captured last May after a particularly bloody and devastating battle.

He said the goal of the Russian military command is to capture Chasov Yar before May 9, when Russia celebrates Victory Day over Germany.

As he said, Russia wants to create conditions for a deeper penetration towards Kramatorsk.

In recent weeks, Russia has stepped up its bombing of the border region of Kharkiv, where the city of the same name, Ukraine's second largest, is located.

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