Ukraine stopped the flow of Russian oil to southern Europe, due to the sanctions against Moscow

Gas Pipeline / Free Press Photo Archive

Since August 4, Ukraine has stopped the transit of Russian oil to southern Europe because, due to Western sanctions, the funds that Moscow paid as compensation for transit have not been transferred to it, the Russian energy company "Transneft" announced today.

The company clarified that on July 22, the Ukrainian oil pipeline operator "Uktransnafta" was paid the transit for August, but on the 28th, the money was returned because the transaction was not carried out. Gazprombank, which made the payment, announced that the funds from the payment were returned due to EU sanctions.

Russia supplies about 250 thousand barrels of oil per day to Hungary, Slovakia and the Czech Republic through the "Druzhba" oil pipeline.

Russia has already reduced gas supplies to many EU members, citing problems in maintaining pumps on the Nord Stream 1 gas pipeline, as well as sanctions imposed against some of the suppliers that Moscow considers hostile.

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