Ukraine strikes back: Drone attack on Russian Black Sea Fleet in Crimea

Micro drones photo MIA

Warships of the Russian Black Sea Fleet, according to official Russian statements, in the bay near Sevastopol, on the Crimean Peninsula, annexed by Russia, repelled several drone attacks in the past day. As reported by news agencies rvarious air defense systems were in action for hours and all drones believed to be Ukrainian were shot down.

In that context, the American strategic drone RQ-4 Globalhawk was observed today patrolling near Sevastopol, after the attack on that city on the Crimean peninsula took place early yesterday, which was carried out by Ukrainian drones.

The Flight radar24 app spotted the RQ-4 Global Hawk strategic reconnaissance drone circling in neutral airspace over the Black Sea.

- We are keeping our composure, the situation is under control", said the governor appointed by Moscow, Mikhail Razvoshayev via Telegram. According to the authorities, boat traffic in the bay was temporarily suspended for security reasons. Sevastopol is an important base of the Russian Black Sea Fleet.

The peninsula is constantly shaken by explosions, for which Russia blames Ukraine, the authorities speak of "saboteurs and terrorists". Ukraine has not officially claimed responsibility for the attacks in Crimea.

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