"The decrees are not about the contract with 'Bechtel and Enka'", says Pendarovski, who denies that he "lobbied" for a second term with the signature


"The decrees that I signed do not refer to the contract between the Government and "Bechtel-Enka", nor do they refer to the composition of the Supervisory Board that should supervise the construction of the highways, around the structure of which several strong criticisms have appeared in the public," says the president of the state Stevo Pendarovski in interview for "Radio Free Europe".

Regarding the interpretations that by signing the decrees, he wanted to get political support from the ruling coalition for a second presidential term, Pendarovski is determined that the decrees refer exclusively to the content of the five laws and that it has nothing to do with any other political or legal issue. a question.

The president says the main reason he signed the Labor Law Decree is that there is no specific provision stating a 60-hour work week.

- Before the package of laws even entered the Parliament, I warned of the possibility that the amendments to the Law on Labor Relations would contain a provision for a 60-hour working week, and in such a case I would certainly not have signed the decree because last year the Constitutional Court had already declared it unconstitutional. that provision in the then amendments to the same law, says Pendarovski.

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