UEFA presented the new format of the Champions League


The new format will start next fall the football Champions League, announced it UEFA on its official website. The most important change is that 36 clubs will participate in the strongest European club competition, not 32 as before.

There are no more groups, but a league system of competition is played. In the first stage, each team will have eight matches and collect points to advance to the next stage. They will no longer play against the same opponents at home and away.


The qualification for the Champions League will be open depending on the club's domestic league position at the end of the previous season and the representative coefficient. An additional four teams enter the Champions League according to the following rules.

A team is ranked third from the fifth strongest league in Europe according to the UEFA coefficient. The second team will be the champion of their country, who will enter the Champions League through the Champions League. So far, four teams have entered the Premier League through four preliminary rounds, and five will enter next season.

The third and fourth teams enter based on good results last season. UEFA will automatically send two teams to the main stage of the Champions League according to the coefficient and success of the last season.

The scoring system does not change. Three points remain for a win and one for a draw. Since all teams participate in the league, the top eight go directly to the round of 24. The teams placed from ninth to XNUMXth place will play a second round (one match at home and one away) for placement in the round of XNUMX.

The pairs at that stage will be determined by lot, and the teams will be divided into two groups - holders (from ninth to 16th place in the league) and non-holders (from 17th to 24th place). The winners will then play against one of the eight best placed from the first round. The season ends with teams from 25th to 36th place, because there are no more teams going to the Europa League.

The Europa League will be played in an identical format to the Champions League, while the Conference League will be played in a slightly different format. In the Conference League, each team will play six games in the first phase, not eight. 36 clubs will also participate in both competitions.

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