A student from "Josip Broz Tito" was reprimanded before being expelled because after beating up a classmate she asked to take a picture of her blue eye

One of the girls who beat a 15-year-old classmate at the Greek consulate received a pedagogic warning before expulsion, the director of Josip Broz Tito High School Silvana Kržovska claims for Sloboden Pechat. The reason was not the fight itself, which was recorded at the Greek consulate by peers who cheered and incited the violence, but that after the incident, the girl in the school district, in front of witnesses, turned to her classmate, her victim, with the words, "Let me take a picture of your blue eye." ". This was the reason that the teacher's council pronounced a unanimous pedagogical measure warning before expulsion. Yesterday, the parent of the admonished and reprimanded student threatened the school staff. Kržovska told Sloboden Pechat that the threats were also against the employees' children and that everything was reported to the police. The father of the reprimanded student also rented a billboard in front of the high school in the central city area that reads "Justice".

I inform you that we, as a school, have taken all the measures within our competence regarding the unpleasant event of a fight between female classmates. Parents were called for a conversation, students were talked to, all competent institutions were notified for further action, a council of the year and a teacher's council were held and the same unanimously issued a pedagogical measure of warning before exclusion and not transfer to another class as presented to the public. Parents have been informed about it. As a school, as before, we will continue to work on the educational element, especially in the area of ​​prevention. And in connection with yesterday's events, it has been reported to the competent institutions and it is within their competence for further action, the director of the Josip Broz high school, Tito Kržovska, told Sloboden Pechat.

As Sloboden Pechat already reported, yesterday at 17:50 PM at the Centar police station, a teacher from the Skopje high school, Josip Broz Tito, reported that she, the principal and employees of the school were harassed by M.K. parent of a schoolgirl. The Ministry of the Interior told Sloboden Pechat that they are taking measures to clear up the case.

The parent reported for harassment denied to Channel 5 that he had threatened the employees of the high school, but admitted that he rented the billboard as a sign of revolt and disagreement.

Starting from the day of the incident on February 9 of this year, until today, fake news is being published. Yesterday I ordered the "Pravda" billboard for my daughter at school. It is a lie that the daughter has been transferred to another class. Even though the incident happened outside the school, they pressured me to write her off myself because otherwise they would remove her, and in the end they would reprimand her before exclusion and inappropriate behavior, which is where our dissatisfaction and the idea of ​​the Pravda billboard came from. I declare most responsibly that there was no harassment from our side, says the parent to Channel 5.

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