The killer of the woman from Kočani received a life sentence

Photo: Free Press/Dragam Mitreski

Fifty-nine-year-old Usain R. from Kočani, who last September inflicted dozens of stab wounds from a knife to 46-year-old Tankica Mladenovska from Kočani and killed her, was sentenced today to life imprisonment. He suspected that on September 25 of last year, he brutally killed Tankica, inflicting numerous stab wounds on her. She died at the scene.

After an indictment was filed by the Basic Public Prosecutor's Office in Kočani, and after a plea of ​​guilty, the Basic Court in Kočani passed a judgment of conviction for one person for a crime – Murder committed during gender-based violence and in a cruel manner, while the perpetrator was sentenced to life imprisonment .

In the indictment, the Basic Public Prosecutor's Office in Kočani also charged the accused with the crime of blackmailing the victim, committed before the murder. However, the defendant did not admit to that crime, the procedure is separated and the court proceedings will continue for that part of the accusation.

Last year, the Platform for Gender Equality responded to the Public Prosecutor's Office with a request that this murder be qualified as a femicide when perpetrating gender-based violence, pointing out that the institutions do not recognize gender-based violence, and are treating this case as a brutal murder.

- The case of femicide, the most serious type of gender-based violence, when a woman was stabbed to death in Kočani, although she had previously reported the perpetrator for blackmail and sought protection, the Primary Public Prosecutor's Office in Kočani qualified it as murder in a brutal manner, which confirms the fact that institutions still do not recognize gender-based violence. The primary public prosecutor's office in Kočani passed an order to conduct an investigative procedure against a person due to reasonable suspicion that he committed a crime - Murder according to article 123 paragraph 2 point 1 of the Criminal Code, reacted from there.

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