The convincing defeat by Germany took the women's handball players to a match for 11th place at the WC

photo: RFM

The women's national team of Macedonia suffered a convincing defeat by Germany by 21:34 and tomorrow they will play for 11th place at the World Championship under 18 years of age, which is being held in Skopje.

The women's handball players, who in the previous match against Iceland missed the chance to secure a place in the quarterfinals, entered today's match emotionally empty and from the very beginning allowed the German women to impose their own rhythm and control the result.

The match started with a lead of 4:1 for Germany, and then it was plus five (8:3), but after the tie-out of the selector Ljubomir Savevski, the Macedonian handball players played much better and managed to get to minus one (10:9). . However, at the end of the first part, Germany again entered the series and went to rest with an advantage of five goals (17:12).

And the second half started similarly to the first, Germany started with a 3:1 series for plus seven (20:13), and then they reached a double-digit advantage (26:16), after which the only unknown until the end of the game was how much the difference would be Macedonia lost.

In the end, the German women celebrated with 34:21 and sent Macedonia to a duel with Croatia for the 11th place at the WC.

Emiliana Rizoska and Teodora Dukoska scored four goals each, while Borjana Koceva and Iva Mladenovska had three goals each, and goalkeeper Churlinovska had ten saves.

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