The beauty of democracy is in the direct voice of the citizens

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The request for the election of the president of the state in the Assembly, just like the request for the Albanian language, is a formulation that serves more for provocation and populism than it is essential in the everyday life of Macedonians and Albanians. It is time to leave identity politics behind us, especially when it is fostered by political parties, says political scientist Ivo Rangjelovic for "Sloboden Pechat".

The Albanian political factor does not give up its intention to impose the topic of electing the president of the state in the Assembly instead of immediate elections, but the Macedonian political bloc made it clear yesterday that there can be no talk of such a reform. MP and spokesperson of SDSM Darko Kaevski reiterated the party's position that democratic processes should not be reversed, and the president of VMRO-DPMNE Hristijan Mickoski said that DUI is defocusing the real problems with that topic. According to some analysts, this request is a provocation, while others believe that there is room for debate.

A proposition without added value

The political scientist Ivo Rangjelovic says that the idea of ​​the Albanian block for changes in the Constitution in the part of the election for the president is an insubstantial provocation, which has no added value for the country.

- In order to change the Constitution in general or to change the electoral model for the president specifically, the first thing we should ask ourselves is how that change will improve the life of a citizen in Macedonia? Then follows a series of analyzes and questions regarding the possible change. Yes, it is true that the existing model practically makes it impossible to elect an Albanian president, but there is no such intention, nor was it established for such a purpose. The beauty of democracy is precisely in the direct vote of the voter, and not in indirect approaches that open numerous problems in perspective. The same applies to the request for the Albanian language, which is a wording that serves more for provocation and populism than it is essential in the everyday life of Macedonians and Albanians. It's time to leave identity politics behind us, especially when it is fostered by political parties - says Rangjelovic for "Sloboden Pechat".

Ivo Rangjelovic/Sloboden Pechat/photo Slobodan Djuric

According to the analyst Albert Musliu, there is room to debate whether in Macedonia it is necessary to elect the president by voting in the Parliament.

- I was against holding the parliamentary and presidential elections at the same time, because the topics will be mixed, that is, the topics for the parliamentary elections will overshadow the debates about the presidential elections. What to talk about in a campaign for presidential elections? This is such a legitimate topic for a presidential campaign, and the parties will talk about the fight against crime and corruption in the campaign for the parliamentary elections. Anyway, the campaign is completely led by the leaders of the parties, and the presidential candidates are in their shadow - says Musliu for "Sloboden Pechat".

He reminds that this is not a new idea, and the first president in the country, Kiro Gligorov, was elected in the Parliament.

- Elections are a big expense for the state. Also, why will we now have a second round of presidential elections at the same time as the parliamentary elections? Because a census of 40 percent is foreseen for the election of the head of state. So, there is a need to debate this topic, and the moment is now, because now are the presidential elections - Musliu told us.

Albert Musliu, political analyst / Morning briefing

He believes that the requests of DUI and the Alliance of Albanians were not blackmailed and adds that it is right if the Constitution is opened to include the Bulgarians in the Preamble, in the same process other constitutional changes that are required, such as the election of the president, are made , the Albanian language or the request that the criminal prosecution for the acts of corruption does not become statute-barred.

The Macedonian parties are clearly against it

Mickoski said yesterday about the initiative of DUI and Ali Ahmeti that such statements should be ignored, because they come from politicians who are not a factor, who will soon be sent into political retirement, and a large part of them will be part of processes in which they will have to prove their innocence, because there are reasonable suspicions that they have committed a huge crime in the past years.

- This statement by Ahmeti in the absence of other ideas and useful projects, and in conditions where people from DUI are caught in a huge crime, is an attempt now with an easy defocus to build a topic that will be transferred to the campaign and that it will be a topic in the campaign . As the prime minister was an Albanian, now the president should be an Albanian, and I think that should be ignored. Secondly, even the very audacity to say such a thing and to connect it with blackmail for the turnout in the elections, is an unstated act by a party that claims to present itself as state-building and which has been part of the government for 22 years and eats the bread from these citizens and this country - said Mickoski and reminded that in the last presidential elections in 2019, VMRO-DPMNE did not blackmail us for the census.

Kaevski said yesterday that the candidate proposed by SDSM will be supported by all ethnic groups.

- SDSM publicly and clearly stated on many occasions our position that the presidential candidate should and is chosen in immediate elections. And this demand is not something new, we heard it in the 2019 and 2020 elections and we believe that the democratic processes should not be regressed - said Kaevski.

Albanian parties are not giving up

The DUI, who last week set a condition that their votes in the second round go to the account of SDSM or VMRO-DPMNE only if these parties accept the election of the president of the state to be in the Assembly, now say that they are not blackmailing, but demanding equality.

"VMRO-DPMNE continues to perceive equality in society as blackmail. "VMRO-DPMNE, unfortunately, rejects progressive ideas due to being trapped in the conservative mind of the imagined ethnic dominance in the joint state," reads the statement from DUI.

They asked the party "VMRO-DPMNE to overcome itself, to accept equality in society, and at the same time to declare against Russia and for Europe".

DUI also requested that "all votes should be concentrated on Dr. Bujar Osmani to enable the amendment of the Constitution and for the election of the president and for the constitutional amendments resulting from the Good Neighbor Agreement, because with this we have found a way to achieve everything in one ".

Arben Taravari, on the other hand, who was the first to reaffirm this old idea of ​​DUI, clarified that it is not about blackmail, but about a request and that the constitutional amendments do not connect them with the formation of a government.

- I think that the powers of the president are the same as in several surrounding states. I think that the state does not need expenses, the president can also be elected through the Assembly. We are not a presidential system, but a parliamentary democracy and I think we would rationalize with an agreement between the parliamentary political parties - said Taravari.

According to Izet Majiti, leader of the Democratic Movement, DUI wants to divide the votes of the Albanians by nominating Bujar Osmani for president.

- This means that DUI is no longer the old party that unites Albanians. The Albanian vote must go to our Taravari and I invite you to deposit the signatures for it so that we can start the relevant campaign for the election of an Albanian president with a two-thirds majority in the Assembly of North Macedonia - said Mejiti in Kumanovo.

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