There are good emotions and a relaxed atmosphere at the 22nd "Off-fest" in Skopje

Marie Kalkun concert / Photo: Off-fest / Tatiana Rantasha

Three fantastic female vocalists marked the first two nights of the 22nd "Off-fest" revealing their specific musical expression, emotions and cultural heritage that they carry within themselves.

The holding of the music festival "Off-fest" usually heralds the most beautiful period of cultural and musical life in Skopje. The festival itself with its essence, diversity and freedom in musical expression encourages beautiful emotions and a relaxed atmosphere.

A special challenge is the opportunity to hear melodies, songs and sounds from different parts of the world, to learn and discover something new and to experience the happiness, joy, sometimes sadness and melancholy of musicians with different backgrounds, expression and cultural heritage that carry with them.

Characteristic color of the three concerts from the first two evenings on the 22nd "Off-fest" was given by three beautiful female vocals. The sentimental vocalist Mizia originally conveyed the sound of Portuguese fado. Her performance was divided into two parts, in the first of which she put more emphasis on her original compositions and songs that are published in her album and book entitled "Animal Sentimental" (2022), while in the second part of the concert the audience could listen to a wider a repertoire of songs by different authors, such as Fernando Pessoa, Jose Saramago, and the concert ended with a performance of the song "Tear" by the fado star Amalia Rodríguez.

Mission / Photography: Off-fest / Tatiana Rantasha

If Portuguese fado is known as a musical genre all over the world, and has already been declared a world cultural heritage by UNESCO, then during the second evening the audience had the opportunity to hear music that is rarely heard on our stage. The emotional Marie Kalkun revealed and brought the tradition of Estonian music closer to us. Although some of the songs are performed in the old Estonian language, which few people in the world understand, she still managed to convey the landscapes of her country through music.

Marie Kalkun / Photography: Off-Fest / Tatiana Rantasha

The tradition of the country from which it originates is deeply imprinted in the songs and performance of the vocalist Zarina Prvasevda, who is the Macedonian representative in the "Off-fest" program together with her ensemble.

Zarina Prvasevda with the ensemble / Photography: Off-fest / Tatiana Rantasha

This year's edition of "Off-fest" lasts until June 10 in the late evening hours, and therefore we will make a complete review after the end of the entire festival program.

(The text was published in "Cultural Press" number 182, in the printed edition of the newspaper "Sloboden Pechat" on 10-11.6.2023)

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