The arrested thief from Skopje "operated" on women, introduced herself as an enumerator and a nurse

The 35-year-old woman from Skopje, for whom the police announced yesterday, committed several thefts and frauds, falsely presented herself as an enumerator, a nurse, a patient and a relative, and her victims were exclusively other women.

She is suspected of six aggravated thefts in which she stole 28 thousand denars and two credit cards in a period of 18 days, said the Prosecution, which is seeking custody for her.

The woman also used the coronavirus epidemic and the census to deceive the robbed victims, and some of them even let her into their homes.

"On September 3, at the bus stop at the market in the Cento neighborhood, the suspect approached a victim and after a short conversation with her, used a moment of carelessness and took her bag containing a wallet with a card and money, as well as a sweatshirt. in a total value of 6.000 denars.

On September 8, the defendant came to a house on Kavadarska Street in Skopje, introduced herself to the owner as a nurse who came to examine him and put bandages on his legs. While he was preparing for the examination, she stole a wallet with 16.000 denars from the home.

On September 9 and 10, she entered two homes, posing as a census commissioner. She asked the owners for a vaccination certificate and while they were asking for the certificate, she took away their wallets with bank cards.

In the house of another victim, on September 14, the suspect introduced herself as the neighbor's granddaughter, so taking advantage of the moment when the owner briefly left the room, she took a wallet with about 3.000 denars.

"On September 21, the suspect approached a victim in front of a pharmacy in Singelic, asked her to give her money for medicine, and then grabbed her wallet, which contained 3.000 denars," said the Prosecutor's Office.

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