A woman who grabbed a baby in GTC and escaped in a taxi was arrested

Illustrative photo of a baby / Photo: Unsplash

Police officers arrested S.S. today. from Skopje, shortly after they received a report that around 11.30:XNUMX a.m., the woman grabbed a baby from G.B., the mother, who left it in front of a market in the City Shopping Center. The kidnapper then escaped from GTC in a taxi.

As announced by the Ministry of the Interior, the child and S.S. were found in Gjorche Petrov, and S.S. was detained at the police station. The police immediately notified the competent public prosecutor.

"A conversation was held with the husband of the applicant, as well as with the driver of the taxi vehicle with which S.S. she left for Gjorche Petrov. Against S.S. "a criminal report will be submitted to the competent prosecutor's office and it will be brought before a competent judge after a quick procedure," said the Ministry of the Interior.

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