The monster father, who kept his eight-year-old daughter captive in an apartment in Belgrade, was arrested

Photo: Uroš Pašajlić Photo: MUP

On the order of the duty deputy prosecutor of the First Basic Public Prosecutor's Office, the Serbian police arrested him Uros Pasalic (37), who is accused of keeping his daughter locked up in an apartment in Belgrade for years. He is also accused of violence against his unmarried wife. The police ordered him to be detained for 48 hours.

"By order of the duty deputy prosecutor of the First Primary Public Prosecutor's Office in cooperation with the Police Department for the city of Belgrade, the suspect U.P. was found, arrested and detained for 48 hours. for whom a search was announced on March 24," the police said.

He was arrested in the Belgrade neighborhood of Karaburma, and he was hiding with a friend who is also known for his problematic behavior.

The terrible case of child abuse was discovered when a woman from Belgrade, I.L. reported to the police station that her husband Pašalić brutally beat her and that he kept her daughter as a slave for a long time.

As previously announced by the prosecutor's office, Uros Pašalić (37) is suspected of committing the crime of domestic violence against an unmarried wife, as well as the crime of neglect and abuse of a minor, as well as violation of family obligations.

As previously stated by Belgrade media sources, the unfortunate child never left the apartment.

"The girl has never been to a doctor for an examination, nor has she gone to school, nor has she gone outside. The neighbors did not see the child at all. She was found curled up in a bathtub, disoriented, malnourished. They provided her with the necessary medical care and she was transferred to a shelter, so her life is not in danger," said the interlocutor from the investigation of this case.

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