Famous Serbian surgeon arrested: He broke four of his wife's ribs, strangled her with a cable and urinated on her

Photo: BN

A well-known doctor from the Military Medical Academy in Belgrade, aged 48, who is also a lieutenant colonel in the Army of Serbia, will be questioned tomorrow at the primary public prosecutor's office on suspicion of causing serious injuries to his wife, they confirmed for "News" from this institution.

The well-known doctor, surgeon from the Academy of Medical Sciences has been detained on suspicion of having committed domestic violence, i.e. he brutally beat his wife and inflicted severe physical injuries on her. He broke four of her ribs, and she also has a fractured upper arm, as well as numerous hematomas (bruises).

According to initial information, the woman was a victim of mental and physical torture for a long time. But at first she said that she and her husband were just arguing.

But in the end she still admitted that she suffered violence, death threats and beatings, and her husband abused her for a long time, urinated on her and even strangled her with a cable.

The gun in his possession was immediately confiscated from the doctor.

The reason for the attack is not yet known, but unofficially it is said to be jealousy.

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