Milan Rabrenovic, the former bodyguard of Gruevski and close to Mickoski, was arrested

Photo: Free Press Archive

Yesterday, a major arrest was made in Skopje. Namely, the police detained the officer Milan Rabrenovic, former bodyguard of Nikola Gruevski and a person close to the president of VMRO-DPMNE, Hristijan Mickoski. Rabrenović, together with two other people, extorted a Skopje citizen, "Frontline" learns.

They demanded about 63 euros from the injured party due to a previous loan of 500 euros taken out in 2004, in 2019, "Frontline" learned.

Then they asked him for an additional 560 euros, which he had to pay them by June 000, 30.6.2022. When handing over part of the money, the three were arrested.

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