Bosnian drug lord Tito Gačanin arrested in Dubai

Tito Gachanin/ Photo YouTube printscreen

In a major operation in Dubai, a Bosnian citizen was arrested, whom Dutch media reports is the famous drug lord Edin "Tito" Gachanin. He is the head of a drug business that smuggles drugs into Europe.

Gačanin, as reported by the media, was arrested in Dubai in an operation led by Europol, in which the police of six countries participated, writes Bosnian "". The Netherlands will seek his extradition from the United Arab Emirates.

The media previously reported that one of the arrested is a 40-year-old Dutchman, who is also a citizen of Bosnia and Herzegovina, and then that it is actually a Gačanin. The criminal case against him is being led by the prosecutors of the State Prosecutor's Office of the Netherlands, the Dutch police said.

He is suspected of preparing the import of almost 8.000 kilograms of raw materials for the production of amphetamine. The raw materials for the production of medicines arrived through the port of Antwerp, and their final destination was a company in the Netherlands.

This includes a batch of about 1.800 kilograms of cocaine that was imported through the port of Hamburg in 2020 with a destination in the Netherlands, police said.

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