The work of Robert Jankuloski will be presented with a talk at the "Centar-Jadro" KSP

Project "Macedonian Visual Artists" in KSP "Centar-Jadro"

As part of the "Macedonian Visual Artists" project, on December 8, starting at 20:XNUMX p.m., the work of Robert Jankuloski will be presented in the Center-Jadro Center. The conversation with the artist will be led by Ana Frangovska, curator and art historian.

In order to achieve continuity in the presentation of the Macedonian visual scene, KSP "Centar-Jadro" continues with a new series of live talks, with Macedonian visual artists and their works exhibited at important exhibitions. The intention is to achieve greater promotion, as well as generational connection that will help establish continuity and intensify dialogue on the local art scene.

Robert Jankuloski was born in Prilep, 1969. He graduated from the Faculty of Dramatic Arts in Skopje at the Department of Camera in 1996. He received his Master's degree in 2011 from the University of Audiovisual Arts - ESRA Paris-Skopje-New York in Skopje. He is the founder of the Macedonian Center for Photography, 2000. He realized 36 solo exhibitions and participated in a large number of group exhibitions all over the world.

He is the winner of several awards in the field of visual arts and film, the winner of the state award "23 October" for achievements in culture and art, as well as the holder of the title of Knight in the field of art and literature, awarded by the Ministry of Culture of France. He is currently a full professor at the Faculty of Film Arts at the International University "Europa Prima" in Skopje.

Jankuloski is one of the most significant representatives of Macedonian contemporary photography, who uses photography in a completely new context. What Jankulovski includes in this selection of using transtactics, in addition to his very important projects in which art is intertwined with politics, sociology, anthropology, ecology, etc. is his direct connection with the establishment of the Macedonian Center for Photography, but also his skill in recycling and reusing old archival photos, with which his artistic transdisciplinary platform can also be defined as "photography as the history of photography", as Nebojsa would say Vilic.

The project "Macedonian Visual Artists" in KSP "Centar-Jadro" is supported by the Ministry of Culture of the Republic of North Macedonia.

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