Tusk: The EU should understand that it is a more powerful force than Russia


The Polish Prime Minister Donald Tusk today appealed to the European Union to realize that it is more powerful than Russia in terms of population and GDP and to finally believe that it can guarantee the security of its members and neighbors.

"The EU's population is larger than Russia's, our GDP is higher. Europe as a whole must believe that it is a power that can guarantee its security and its neighbors. Now is the time to act," Tusk said after a conversation with Norwegian Prime Minister Jonas Gaar Stjore in Warsaw.

The Polish and Norwegian prime ministers said they were ready to increase financial aid to Ukraine, and the Polish prime minister warned that everyday life in Poland is hybrid, although there is no classic war.

Tusk also said he would not accept the demands of the most radical of Polish farmers blocking borders and roads, who are demanding the closure of the border with Ukraine due to the uncontrolled import of agricultural products, without restrictions and tariffs, which was introduced by the EU as a sign of solidarity for to facilitate the financing of Ukraine's defense against Russia and the everyday life of Ukrainians.

"These are not negotiable demands. I am not the prime minister to take Poland out of the EU or to make Poland a country that blocks its borders with Ukraine. But we are ready to discuss the borders, those proposed by Brussels and Kiev are not acceptable to us," Tusk said.

One of the proposals by Brussels and Kiev to resolve farmers' protests across Europe is to introduce limits once imports exceed the quantities imported in 2022/2023, but Tusk said today that this was unacceptable to Poland and insisted that the introduction of limits be evaluated based on imports from before the Russian invasion of Ukraine, when tariffs and quotas were still in place.

The Polish prime minister said that among his government's proposals to farmers was help to buy back and compensate for damages caused by uncontrolled imports from Ukraine.

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