Tourists have a problem: there is no daily parking ticket in Skopje, parking is paid by the hour

Photo: PE "City Parking"

If citizens from other cities in Macedonia or foreigners plan to visit Skopje by car and stay in the city for a few days, they must be well informed about the possibilities of where to leave their vehicle. In the central area, which is of the greatest interest for walks for tourists, parking is paid everywhere and is not cheap at all. At the same time, the two public companies that regulate parking do not have daily parking tickets, as there are in most capital cities in the region, but charge by the hour, and at the zoned parking lots in the center of Skopje, the retention time is limited. In the rest of the neighborhoods it is cheaper to park the vehicle or there is no charge at all, but it is true luck to find a free space.

PE "Parkingzi na Opština Centar" offers its services on the basis of hourly parking in commercial open and closed parking lots. In addition, we offer options for different types of contracts on a monthly or annual basis, as well as a monthly prepaid ticket if the user does not have a parking contract and needs to use a certain parking lot on a daily basis - say the POC, which, apart from PE "City Parking", manages the parking lots located in the municipality of Centar.

From there, they explain that they do not offer their services depending on whether it is a resident of the city or not, and that foreigners usually pay for parking services by the hour, and if the foreign citizen needs a longer stay in the country, the possibility is open to buy a monthly ticket on the website to park his vehicle in the commercial parking lots.

When asked if they are thinking about introducing a daily ticket that guests in the city could simply buy or pay upon entering a multi-storey garage or closed parking lots, the POC says that an offer of new services is being prepared.

During this period, several amendments to the regulations and the offer of new package services are being prepared, through which other options will be made possible in relation to different time periods, such as a daily or weekly ticket. After preparing and changing the regulations at one of the next sessions of the Center Municipality Council, as well as the operational adaptation of the processes and information systems, our plan is for these novelties to be valid from the beginning of the next year - explained the POC.

Guests in Skopje can leave their cars for a longer period in one of the three parking lots provided with a ramp under the authority of the POC, namely at the public parking lots "Dom na zijebci" and "Trgotekstil" which are open 24 hours and where one hour costs 50 denars, and it is somewhat cheaper at "Automakedonia" where you pay MKD 40 per hour. This means that if they leave their vehicle for a day, parking would cost them 1200, or the cheaper one, 960 denars. In the garage next to the Courthouse, parking costs 30 denars per hour. The price of the zoned parking lots varies depending on the zone and is paid by mobile phone.

And PE "City Parking", which is responsible for the regulated parking lots throughout the city, does not have a daily parking ticket. However, they did not answer what conditions they offer for guests in the city or whether they plan to introduce a daily parking ticket. And in their two-storey garages "Beko" and "26 July" the price for parking per hour is MKD 30. Several of their public parking lots, namely "Kocho Racin", near the City Hospital and "Treska" are open 24 hours. In the first two, parking costs 35 denars per hour, and in the third, 25 denars.

As for parking at Skopje Airport, the car park is located right in front of the terminal building after crossing the transit zone, and here you can leave your car for a few hours during a day, but also, depending on your needs, you can to park the vehicle for a longer period. The price for parking for one hour is 100 denars, from 8 to 24 hours 850 denars, for a period from 3 to 7 days you pay 2500 denars, from 3500 to 8 days it costs 14 denars and for a period from 14 to 30 days parking should be allocate 5000 denars.

These prices do not apply to the transit zone, where stopping for up to 10 minutes is free, but if you stay up to 20 minutes you will pay 500 denars, and for every next ten minutes until the end of the first hour the price increases by 500 denars. Then 2000 MKD is paid for each subsequent hour.

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