Tourist disappointment: These are the most overrated cities in the world

Bangkok (Thailand), Antalya (Turkey) and Singapore (Singapore) / Photo: Pexels

Analyzing the ratings of visitors to the most popular tourist destinations, British website KingCasinoBonus compiled a list of the most overrated cities in the world.

They took the first three places Bangkok (Thailand), Antalya (Turkey) and Singapore (Singapore).

The cities on the list are sorted through a comprehensive analysis, using multiple travel review sites, such as TripAdvisor, etc. The research included tens of thousands of ratings for the 85 most popular cities in the world.

Bangkok, Thailand / Photo: Pexels/allPhoto Bangkok

As many as 16,6 percent of tourists were disappointed with what Bangkok has to offer as a tourist destination.

"Research by our analysts reveals that nearly 17 percent of visitors to Bangkok leave the city disappointed and with the impression that the Thai capital is grossly overpriced," states KingCasinoBonus.

Antalya, Turkey / Photo: Pexels/Engin Akyurt

The attractive tourist center of Antalya in Turkey came in second place.

"Is it worth visiting Antalya if you are already near the popular resorts of Antalya Province?" If you ask people who have already traveled, the answer is – no. Several tourists who visited the city described it as trivial and without any attractions worth mentioning", the analysis says.

Singapore, Singapore / Photo: Pexels/Pixabay

It is followed by Singapore, and Munich, Rimini, Miami, Mumbai, London, Paris and Tokyo are also in the top ten places.

From the region, Ljubljana is in 17th place, Zagreb is in 25th place, and Belgrade is in 32nd place.

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