Turkey has set itself the goal of reaching 60 billion in tourism revenue in 2024

Heat Turkey / Photo EPA-EFE/SEDAT SUNA

Turkey has set itself the goal of achieving 60 billion dollars in tourism revenue and 60 million tourists in 2024. The president of the Turkish Association of Hoteliers (TUROB) Mubera Ereshin told Anadolu Agency, BTA reported.

Our expectations are supported by the 12 percent increase in the number of tourists in Turkey in the first two months of the year. The signals from the international tourist exhibitions are positive and we expect an increase in the capacity of the hotels, Mubera Eresin told Anatolia Agency.

According to her, tourism in Turkey has grown from two million tourists to 50 million annually. Investments in the field of tourism have reached close to 90 billion dollars, and the number of employees in the sector has grown to close to 1,5 million people, said the president of the Turkish Association of Hoteliers.

"Our goal is to reach 60 billion dollars in revenue and 60 million tourists this year, in line with the goal of the Ministry of Culture and Tourism, and we believe that this sector will continue to achieve its goals and provide strong support to the economy, employment and the development of Turkey", said Mubera Eresin.

Firuz Baglakaya, president of the Association of Turkish Travel Agencies, confirmed the target number of tourists. "Nearly 1,5 billion international trips are made annually, and since tourism is an exceptional strategic sector thanks to its structure, job creation and added value, competition in the sector is growing every day globally," said Firuz Baglakaya. He pointed out that the distribution of tourists in Turkey is mainly concentrated in three or four cities and this must change.

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