Turkey will support Sweden in NATO if it receives F-16 from the US

Erdogan, Christerson and Stoltenberg / Photo Twitter

The Turkish Parliament will fulfill its promise and ratify Sweden's bid for NATO membership if the administration of US President Joseph Biden enables the sale of US F-16 aircraft to Ankara, Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan said today, Turkish media reports.

Speaking to reporters on his way back from the Azerbaijani enclave of Nakhchivan, Erdogan said Foreign Minister Hakan Fidan and US Secretary of State Anthony Blinken discussed Sweden's bid for NATO membership last week in New York.

Erdogan said the US administration is linking the sale of F-16 fighter jets to Turkey with Ankara's ratification of the Swedish bid.

"If they (the US) keep their promises, our Parliament will keep its promise. The Turkish Parliament will have the final say on Sweden's membership in NATO," the Turkish president emphasized.

He also announced that Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu could visit Turkey in October or November, adding that after that he will return the visit, Turkish media reports.

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