Tupanceski: None of the cases handled by retired judges will remain undistributed

prof. Nikola Tupancheski, PhD, Minister of Justice / Photo: "Free Press" - Dragan Mitreski

The situation with a shortage of judges can be overcome by internal reorganization of the judiciary. It will not be easy, but I am optimistic that none of the cases handled by the retired judges will remain undistributed, said the Minister of Justice Nikola Tupanceski today.

The number of judges in our society, Tupanchevski, answering journalist's questions after the opening of the new building of the Administrative Court, said that it was naturally reduced due to a generational change of judges and this was signaled at the beginning, but there is always a possibility to overcome the situation with more legal texts.

- The last statement of the President of the Assembly was that the session was suspended and it remains uncertain how it will be proposed, when it will be proposed and whether it will be continued. In the meantime, we must not stand idly by. On the contrary, we need to find an optimal solution in order to adequately respond to the challenge that arose after June 30, Tupanchevski explained, regarding the possibility of extending the deadline for the retirement of judges.

Tupanchevski also clarified that they are moving within their own powers in finding a solution to this problem.

The President of the Administrative Court, Burim Seydini, said that during this period, four judges in the Administrative Court retired.

- I think that a solution will have to be found quickly so that the judiciary is not left in an independent position, considering the number of cases, and the mentality in general in that part, Sejdini said.

He also pointed out that each judge normally handles about 200 cases, up from 170 to 200 cases, so the 800 cases were immediately reassigned to existing judges and are already in the works.

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