Trudeau: The destruction of the dam in Ukraine is a direct consequence of the Russian invasion

Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau / Photo: EPA-EFE / STR

The Prime Minister of Canada Justin Trudeau, who was on a surprise visit to Kiev today, said the destruction of the Kakhovka dam in southern Ukraine, which caused flooding, was a "direct consequence" of the Russian invasion.

Trudeau blamed Moscow for the explosion that destroyed the hydroelectric dam, while both warring camps deny responsibility for the disaster.

"We all saw the damage caused by the collapse of the Kakhovka hydroelectric dam ... This is a direct consequence of the war that Russia started," Trudeau said.

The ensuing floods also affected Ukrainian-controlled and Russian-occupied areas on both banks of the Dnieper River, killing several people and injuring dozens.

"There is absolutely no doubt in our minds that the destruction of the dam is a direct consequence of Russia's decision to invade the country," Trudeau said.

The Canadian Prime Minister immediately announced $10 million in aid to Ukraine to deal with the aftermath and $500 million in additional military aid to Ukrainian forces under attack.

"In addition, I am announcing today that Canada will participate in a multinational effort to train fighter pilots and to maintain and support Ukraine's fighter jet program," he said.

Earlier Trudeau laid a wreath in memory of the fallen soldiers in Kiev.

Ukrainian Deputy Minister of Defense Oleksandr Polichchuk handed Trudeau a box of parts from a missile that fell in Odessa, Ukraine's main Black Sea port. "It's a small reminder of how Ukraine has suffered from Russian missile attacks," Polichchuk said.

A group of Ukrainian soldiers who were trained in Canada also spoke with the Canadian Prime Minister.

Canada, which has a large Ukrainian diaspora, is one of Kiev's main backers, providing significant military aid and training more than 36.000 Ukrainian troops.

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