The number of heart attacks has tripled after the pandemic, says Dr. Nikolov from the Stip Clinical Hospital

After the covid pandemic, the number of heart attacks has increased, according to the analyzes of Macedonian cardiologists, as well as European and world associations. Heart attacks have increased three times more than before the pandemic, says the head of the Department of Cardiology at the Shtip Clinical Hospital in an interview with MIA. Sasko Nikolov.

- Lung infarctions, if we had 20 patients per year, now we have 15 per month, the ones we record and note. Infarcts of the lower extremities, vascular disease of the legs four times more, thrombosis of the deep veins of the superficial veins, massively increased. Thrombosis of intestinal arteries, a huge increase, the occurrence of brain infarctions in young people increased by five times. All this is the result of the pandemic. When the pandemic started, we all thought it was a viral disease, that is, it is a viral disease, it is a respiratory viral disease, it attacks the lungs, says Nikolov.

He points out that as the pandemic progressed, doctors realized that the covid virus enters through the respiratory tract, but the target of its attack is the muscular parts of the blood vessels. In this post-covid period, the number of interventions in the departments of cardiology and neurology has increased.

- The number is also high among neurologists, especially among the population aged 25 and over. Strokes in young people and it is a result of covid infection on blood vessels. We often say that I passed covid, but I had no symptoms. You have passed covid, you have no symptoms, but the covid antigen is already anchored in the blood vessel. It is only a matter of time before it starts to cause inflammation, a reaction and thickening, rupture of the plaque in the blood vessel and eventually a heart attack. So that this covid infection made a state of world health to realize how much we do not know about the new diseases that are coming to us, because the new diseases are a combination of diseases, a combination of viruses that attack several systems at the same time, says Nikolov in the interview, which will be fully announced tomorrow.

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