The three detained for the murder of the doctor in Zhelezara will be released from custody, because there is no evidence

Photo: Rawpixel / CC0 / public domain

Until this moment, with the actions taken by the Ministry of Internal Affairs and the expert reports carried out by the Institute of Forensic Medicine, no evidence has been provided that gives a reasonable suspicion that the persons deprived of their liberty are the perpetrators of the crime, the murder of the family physician Aco Trpovski, the Public Prosecutor's Office informed yesterday.

"For those reasons, the public prosecutor, after the expiration of the short-term house arrest measure, will not propose that the court determine new precautionary measures for the three persons who were detained in connection with this event. "The Ministry of Internal Affairs, in coordination with the Basic Public Prosecutor's Office Skopje, continues to take actions to identify the perpetrators of a crime," the Public Prosecutor's Office announced.

Otherwise, two of the three arrested for the murder of family doctor Aco Trpovski were placed under house arrest.

The Minister of Internal Affairs, Panče Toškovski, informed yesterday that another person was arrested for the murder of the family doctor.

House arrest for two suspects in the murder of family physician Aco Trpovski

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