Three residents of Stracin attacked in Kratovo casino

Casinos / Photo: Illustration

Three people were physically attacked in a casino in Kriva Palanka last night. According to information from the Ministry of Interior, the attack was reported by 33-year-old Z.A. from the village of Stracin.

"On September 23, 2021 at 22.06:33 pm, in the Department of Internal Affairs Kriva Palanka, it was reported that a physical attack was carried out on three young people from the village of Stracin in Kratovo. The attack was reported by 30-year-old Z.A. from Stracin, who reported that he and his friends - XNUMX-year-old S.M. and M.M. "a physical attack was carried out", informs Ivana Mladenovska, spokesperson of the Sector for Internal Affairs Kumanovo, adding that measures are being taken to clear up the case.

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