Thirty-six ex-MPs will take appanage, Talat Xhaferi is on the payroll of the Parliament

Talat Xhaferi, technical prime minister/photo: Free Press/Dragan Mitreski

A total of 36 MPs from the previous composition will receive a one-year appanage, that is, a salary of around 2.000 euros. At today's Commission on Elections and Appointments, decisions were passed on the appanages of seven former MPs, but recently at the previous session, the appanages of 29 of their colleagues were determined.

Former MPs Arben Ziberi, Ljatife Šikovska, Enes Ibraim, Snezhana Kalevska Vanchevska, Bastri Bajrami, Vjolca Ademi and Bedri Fazli received a decision for appanage.

The outgoing deputy and technical prime minister, Talat Xhaferi, will receive a deputy's salary after the Commission passed the decisions on the salaries of the deputies from the current parliamentary composition.

Miloshoski, Mitreski and Bendevska are the new vice presidents of the Assembly

It is uncertain whether Xhaferi will receive a salary from the Government for the period in which he is still in the position of technical prime minister.

Recently we announced that according to past practice, the previous prime ministers who were elected as MPs confirmed to us that they received a salary during that period, but "do not remember" from which institution, whether from the Government or the Assembly.

The Commission also accepted the request for severance pay upon retirement from former MPs Kole Charakchiev, Stojan Milanov and Pancho Minov.

The commission also approved the request for the realization of a salary after the termination of the position as a member of the Council of Public Prosecutors of the member Arben Isaku.

With a majority of votes, a Proposal - decision on amending and supplementing the Decision on the election of presidents, vice presidents, members and their deputies of the committees of the Assembly of the Republic of North Macedonia was approved today.

Under the miscellaneous item, the President of the Commission, MP Gjorgija Sajkoski from VMRO-DPMNE, informed the members that he had signed salary decisions for the current MPs whose mandate was verified by the Parliament, for coordinators of parliamentary groups, for elected presidents of working bodies, for the new president of the Constitutional Court, Darko Kostadinovski, as well as the former president of the court, Dobrila Katsarska.

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