Three open calls of "MakeDox" are an announcement of the activities of the jubilee festival edition

The jubilee 15th edition of "MakeDox" will be held from August 15 to 22

Through open calls, the festival of creative documentary film "MakeDox" announced three activities that will be held before and during the jubilee 15th edition, which will be held from August 15 to 22 in Skopje.

The Association for the Promotion of Documentary, as the organizer of the MakeDox Creative Documentary Film Festival, is looking for sixth generation "Docunikuls" aged 14 to 18, who want to be part of the one-year creative documentary film workshop. Young, brave and creative people who want to express themselves freely and are ready to embark on an unforgettable adventure will be selected to participate in the workshop.

The twelve magnificent ones will be divided into groups with one mentor each, and at the end each group will have to have a short creative documentary film ready. The "Docunikulci" program draws on the experience of five generations of young filmmakers, some of whom have already begun to seriously engage in film.

The workshop will be spread over four sessions and will take place in July 2024 (5 days in nature), August 2024 (8 days at the MakeDox film festival), 5-7 autumn-winter sessions by appointment in the period from September to January, and will finish shooting and finishing the films by June 2025.

At the workshop, members of the "MakeDox" creative team, last year's docunikuls and proven docuprofessionals from other countries will share their knowledge and skills in documentary. The call is open until June 15 on the MakeDocs website.

The sixth edition of the MakeCoProDox forum will be held during the 15th edition of the Creative Documentary Film Festival "MakeDox" from August 19 to 21 in Skopje. The forum aims to develop a strategic plan to strengthen documentary film co-productions between the countries of the Balkans.

The forum welcomes representatives from regional film centers, documentary film professionals and 10 projects that are in various stages of production. To achieve this goal, the forum announced an open call for the participation of producers/authors of documentary films produced, co-produced or filmed in the Balkans (S Macedonia, Serbia, Croatia, Slovenia, Montenegro, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Albania, Bulgaria, Greece, Kosovo, Romania and Turkey).

The third call published by MakeDox is for a Workshop on Archival Practices in Film entitled "Imagining Archives", which will take place from 15 to 19 August. The workshop aims to bring together four carefully selected director(s) or teams of director(s) and editor(s).

The main focus of the workshop is identifying different strategies and possibilities for visual conceptualization of archives, expanding the creative scope of filmmaking. Through this collective, intensive experience, a process of approaching the essence of each project will be initiated, discussing the potential different approaches of each film project using archival materials. Mentors of the workshop will be Kumjana Novakova and Vlad Petri.

Kumjana Novakova is a director whose authorship is based on research, and she also works as a film curator and lecturer. Born in Yugoslavia, Kumjana has been working in the field of film since 2006. Her formal education includes studies in international relations, cultural and social studies in Sofia, Sarajevo, Bologna and Amsterdam.

As an author, Kumjana explores the languages ​​of cinema related to the relationships between power, war, memories and (dis)belonging. She is interested in developing meaning-making strategies from the position of a film-maker and their potential as territories of new collectivities. Her works have been shown and exhibited all over the world.

Vlad Petri is a film director with a great interest in political and social issues. He has a BA in Cinematography (Bucharest, University of Cinema and Theatre) and a MA in Visual Anthropology (Berlin, Free University). As a director, he often brings in personal images alongside official archives in order to create a film that blurs the line between documentary and feature film.

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