The three strongest women in the horoscope: They fight to the last breath, they are like a phoenix!

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They fight to the last breath, and if they "fall" - they do not give up, but get back on their feet, and move forward.

Wondering what are the three zodiac signs that are gifted with great strength and endurance?


Let's start with her, Libra. The Libra woman seeks balance everywhere, both in herself and in interpersonal relationships. She is a cheerful and honest woman, able to handle any situation and emerges as a winner especially because of the good dose of rationality. She almost never tells lies and is naturally focused on the search for the truth. But Libra is also a stubborn sign and tends to isolate itself from toxic people.

Patience is a great ally of this sign. But Libra knows when to put an end - when the situation becomes detrimental to its balance - before making the point, it endures even more than it should. However, when that point is made, there is no going back. She knows how to forgive herself, but not to those who have wronged her. The Libra woman knows best how to face her own fears and overcome them.


Taurus woman has a big head and a big heart. The two main characteristics of this sign, especially when it comes to a woman, are stubbornness and control of emotions. This combination helps her manage all difficult situations, both personally and in business.

Taurus woman does not tolerate arrogance, let alone treat her as if you do not notice her in what she does for you. Best of all zodiac signs knows how to preserve independence and autonomy, but does not plan to…

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