Three months after moving in, Gjorche Petrov's new municipal building was officially put into use

Photo: Municipality of Gjorce Petrov

After three months after the administration of Gjorce Petrov moved into the new building, the construction of which began ten years ago, yesterday on the Day of the Municipality, with a red carpet at the entrance and a ceremony attended by many guests, including the management and mayors from VMRO- DPMNE, the building was officially put into use.

The new municipal building has already been put into use. The administration has been moved to the municipal premises, that is, it is already centralized, unlike before, when it was divided into several locations. The address data in the Central Registry of the Republic of Moldova has also been changed and the new seat of the Municipality of Gjorche Petrov is at 22 Gjorche Petrov Street - we were told by the Municipality shortly after the relocation.

Photo: Municipality of Gjorce Petrov

But since all that happened quietly, even the residents of the municipality who need the municipal services were not informed about the move, yesterday the event was solemn. The most important thing is that the Municipality has finally moved out of a 60-year-old two-story shed and will no longer pay rent for accommodation.

The new municipal building covers an area of ​​3.285 m2 and is divided into 5 levels, with 66 new offices, 2 meeting rooms, an amphitheater, 4 tea kitchens, toilets and toilets for disabled people, two elevators and other technical rooms.

 The citizens of Gjorche Petrov will finally, after a decade of construction, receive centralized services in one place, and the employees will be provided with all modern working conditions - says the mayor Aleksandar Stojkoski.

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