Three zodiac signs will fight for their happiness on February 23: They will bravely embark on an adventure for their dreams

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Whether you're waiting for a message, you'll find that the transit of the moon square Uranus helps you find a solution to s, because you insist on wanting what you can't have.

Astrologers say that these three zodiac signs will bravely embark on the adventure of their dreams.


You are seen as spoiled and that is one of the traits people don't like about you. When you are doing poorly, you often drag others into that vortex. You're generally one of the friendliest and most supportive of the zodiac signs, but you can also be one of the most selfish, so when you fall, everyone in your world must fall with you. That's how you worked in the past, but that's behind you because now you're working on improving your personality.

During this period, you will see how strong you are because you try to suppress negativity so that it does not reflect on others.


One of your biggest problems is that you really want others to respect you, and the last thing you ever want to show someone is that you're vulnerable. And you'll feel especially vulnerable because you've started to notice that certain things in your life aren't going the way you planned. Because you didn't get what you wanted in a certain area, you feel angry.

Maybe you're going against that facade you want everyone to believe. You wish you were never anxious, always in control even when you feel most vulnerable. Show your true colors today and throw away your armor.


Aquarius, you will do everything you want and the way you think it should be. No one will be able to stop you because you have volcanic energy. It's time for change and you're ready to build bridges that will somehow bring you back together with your loved ones. The Moon squared with Uranus is very compatible with you, so luck will serve you in all fields. Do not be afraid of losing your identity because it is simply impossible, you are authentic without question.

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