Trade in goods between Kosovo and Serbia still faces obstacles in the common regional market

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Six thousand commercial companies in the Western Balkans benefit from the activity to promote free trade. However, not everyone agreed with Prime Minister Rama's statement.

Rozeta Hajdari, Minister of Economy and Industry of Kosovo, in her speech focused on the recognition that CEFTA members should give to Kosovo. She called on EU officials to force Serbia to recognize vehicle license plates, as she believes it paralyzes trade in the region, reports A2 News.

"Registration of transport vehicles from Serbia is not recognized. There are no results for this and we have not yet been admitted to CEFTA. We must have impartial treatment and we will meet the objectives arising from the Berlin process. "Kosovo can absorb a lot of investment and we are interested in capitalizing," said Hejdari.

Although there was no problem with the recognition, Tomislav Momirović, Minister of Internal and Foreign Trade in Serbia, also complained about difficulties in the execution of the trade exchange.

"Today, the CEFTA market is the most important for cooperation with Serbia, which represents nearly 60 percent of trade with Europe. But all these economic changes created problems in economic development and led to long-term political problems. "We have to keep in mind that despite the political disagreements of the last two decades, the economy has never been a bigger victim than it is today, and that creates fear among the vulnerable community," Momirovic said.

Easing trade barriers and promoting the exchange of goods with the countries of the European Union are among the main goals of the Open Balkans process.

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