Pellet traders put margins up to 65 percent!

Photo: MIA

According to the Trade Law, if the Government's decision to limit the margin to 10 percent is not respected, there will be fines from 800 to 10.000 euros, depending on the size of the merchant

Pellet retailers put margins up to 65 percent. This for Free Press it was stated by the Ministry of Economy, from where the proposal adopted by the Government to limit the margin to 10 percent originated. The margin is also limited for firewood, which for the time being is almost not in the warehouses, and which has reached a price of even 4.800 denars per cubic meter.

A large number of citizens have been heating with pellets in recent winters, after throwing out the wood-burning stoves, or they have opted for this method instead of electric heating. Pellet stoves have proven to be suitable for heating especially larger houses, but some citizens also installed them in apartments. Most often these stoves were installed together with radiators to heat the entire surface. And, as you know, the first year or two since it became a hit, they were a good solution, but since last year pellets have become prohibitively expensive, and this year, before the winter season, those who tried to stock up in time found that a bag of pellets of 15 kg has already started to be sold for 380 denars, unlike last year when it could be bought for 200 denars.

The State Market Inspectorate went to the field to inspect pellet traders. As a result of the 131 inspections carried out at the merchants, 7 irregularities were found and fines from 240 to 860 euros were imposed.

After these controls, where the inspectors "combed" the selling price, some buyers who paid a deposit to buy pellets were refunded, say members of the Facebook group: "Pellets - discussion group, where to find better quality cheaper pellets".

"Some merchants, when this started with the controls, they also started to return the given down payment together with the signed consignment note. The answer is that I cannot deliver pellets to you at the capitalized price," writes one citizen.

Although some buyers see salvation from the "inflated" prices of traders precisely in limiting the margin, a large part of them are looking for a place where the limited margin has a limited price.

"I am asking the minister to declare with precise prices, to announce fixed prices, not with percentages. We consumers do not know on which figure he calculates 10 percent", is one of the comments.

Minister of Economy Kreshnik Bekteshi on several occasions when he talked about limited margins, he explained that bookkeeping is easy to see the upgrade from the purchase price to the selling price at each stage – from the manufacturer, through the wholesaler, all the way to the retailer.

According to the Trade Law, if the Government's decision to limit margins is not respected, fines in the amount of 800 to 1.000 euros in denars will follow for a micro trader, from 1.600 to 2.000 euros for a small trader, from 3.000 to 6.000 euros for a medium one. merchant and from 7.000 to 10.000 euros in Denar equivalent for a large merchant.

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