Third hearing for closing arguments in the trial for the modular hospital in Tetovo

Trial for the fire in the modular hospital in Tetovo/Photo: MIA

In the Basic Court in Tetovo, the trial should continue today with the closing arguments of the Prosecutor's Office and the defense of the defendants who are charged with several crimes related to the fire in the modular hospital in September 2021 when 14 people died.

This is the third attempt to have closing arguments after hearings on April 25 and May 10 were postponed. On April 25, it was due to the absence of one of the accused, Florim Besimi, and on May 10, because the lawyer of the accused, Artan Etemi, did not come.

Judge Jordan Velkovski scheduled the beginning of today's hearing at 10 am.

The evidence procedure in the court process ended with the last witnesses who were heard on April 6.

The former directors, Florin Besimi and Artan Etemi, are charged with the crime of "serious crimes against general safety", and doctor Boban Vucevski with "failure to comply with health regulations during an epidemic". The clinical hospital, as a legal entity, is charged with two crimes – "causing public danger" and "failure to comply with health regulations during an epidemic".

At the beginning of the trial, they emphasized that they understood the accusation, but that they did not feel guilty. The trial began in December 2022.

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